Pigmentation Removal

Laser Pigmentation Removal

Not all forms of hyperpigmentation are the same! There are a variety of dark spots, blemishes, hypermentations, and hypopigmentations.  Pigmentation issues are typically the result of too much or too little melanin, which creates pigment in your skin. Melanin is responsible for everything from freckles to your suntan.

Laser Pigmentation Removal works to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of freckles, pigmentation, and post-trauma pigmentation including acne scars and age spots. The FDA approved laser targets only the pigmented lesion in the skin which absorbs the light, without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser energy is highly selective to target melanin, the pigment that lies within the skin. The laser energy is delivered extremely rapidly, within one thousand-millionth of a second, to shatter the pigments.

What Should I Expect During Laser Pigmentation Removal?

There's a laser for that

If you are tired of spending your time and money on "dark spot creams", you are not alone. In fact, most women have at least one visible dark spot on their face and up until now, creams were the only "solution" to help fade these spots. The good news is now there's laser treatment!

Following your laser pigmentation removal consultation, if we determine you are a good candidate, we will proceed with treatment.

Great candidates to successfully receive laser pigmentation removal include:

  • Postpartum pigmentation
  • Sun and age spots
  • Freckles & brown spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Melasma

While receiving laser pigmentation removal, you will be required to wear protective eyewear. During the treatment, all areas of the body that will not be lasered will be covered with clothing. Only the areas to receive laser treatment will be exposed. We are always mindful of your comfort and your peace of mind; we will let you know ahead of time what to expect.  Our lasers are not painful and are well-tolerated by most individuals.

Laser pigmentation removal can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Most patients experience little discomfort while receiving this laser treatment. Following treatment, patients generally experience redness, mild swelling, and/or tenderness in the treatment area that will resolve in a quick manner. The post treatment area response will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of treatment.

The number of treatments will depend on how large the pigmentation is, what type of pigmentation is being treated, and the depth of the pigmentation. Some pigmented lesions will require several treatments for optimal results, however, some can be resolved in a single treatment.

Sunscreens and topical bleaching agents should only be restarted once healing is complete. We advise regular use of a sunscreen (at least SPF30) in between laser sessions.

How Long will it Take to See Results After Pigmentation Treatments?

You can expect to see improvements in pigmentation after your first treatment. The pigmented area will gradually reduce and after completing the treatment course, you can expect to see at least a 70-80% reduction in the treated area.

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